Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Counting My Blessings...

Marla @ Blue Skies Photography started a Blessings Wed  :) 
She had some super exciting news to share!  and it gave me allot to think about.. All the amazing things I am so grateful for!..
1.  My boys.. 
They are truely the Joy in my life.. Even on those Time-Out days with Riley, I wouldnt change a thing!

2.My Husband.. who down right REFUSES to do the dishes..  But helps out in so many other ways. I am blessed to have him!
3.Stupid people.. I am truely thankful for Stupid people .. because, they are Job Security.. Eventhough I Hate my job most days.. well not the job itself so much, but everything else about it.  I am thankful to have it, since I am able to do other things while at work..  edit pictures, homework, email, facebook, blog stalk, ect.  :)  That makes me happy, So.. Thank you Stupid People.

4. Mt.Dew ..I know.... I quit  Mt. Dew about 4 weeks ago, but then started again because I love it, I really do. the way it tingles on the way down, and its sweet and refreshing in the morning.. its like "personality In a Can"  & Some days  I truely need it!

5. Blessed that my hubby had enough faith in me to get me a decently nice camera :)   He's happy when I am happy, and Pictures.. make me happy :)  memories of these little moments here and there.. I love my camera! :)  & I love that I am learning to use it.

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Marla said...

Thank you for joining! Darn blog button is going to drive me insane. I'll work on it and try to get it all figured out before next week.

You're boys are cute. Isn't photography the most amazing hobby ever? I think so.

Marla @