Thursday, January 22, 2009

Project 365 day 6

Oh, I can't believe its here again, another semester @ school!! It feels like I have been in school forever! This semester I had 2 transfer to scottsdale community because mcc doesnt offer allot of classes I need. I am taking forensic pathology. And. Physical evidence. Both very tough demanding classes, I took my first quiz today and. Only missed. 1 question!!! Woohoo. My 1 class I haven't even started yet, my teacher hasn't told me where 2 go2 get my school stuff!!! So hopefully I don't complety fail the first week there.. so that's pretty much what I did all day.... school, ... what a waste of a whole day off :p. Maybe we'll go 2 the park tomorrow. :) maybe

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amy loo said...

Congrats on the score! You must go to DQ to celebrate!