Monday, January 19, 2009

I Am

I Am
I Am..... a happy girl
I think....TO MUCH
I improve the interaction with my husband more fun, less stress
I have.. Nearly everything I could ever ask for!
I mom
I fear.....loosing my child or family/death I guess in general eventhough I have expierenced it :(
I feel.....hungry
I hear.... the radio @ work & that the real bat mobile is at the super 8 in AJ.. weird
I smell....Scentsy from the bathroom (snowberry = vicks vapo rub)
I crave... bean dip
I cry.... less then I used to
I search... for what I truely want to do with my life
I wonder... If I will ever be able to have another child
I regret......nothing, everything made me who I am today
I wish.....for Peace, Love, & Happiness for my family and friends everynight
I life & blogging & my phone :) & gilmore girls & my kid, hubby & myself most days
I care...about way to many things, from the color of my nailpolish to the quality of water in Africa
I always...say sorry when its not my fault
I worry.... about failing in life
I am not....taking the little things for granted anymore
I remember..... when right and wrong were as simple as black and white
I believe... in treating others how you wish to be treated, Kidness matters
I sing.... in my kitchen everyday while I dance around
I dont always...... choose the right over the wrong
I argue.... when I am standing up for something I believe in
I write....on my calendar and notes on the back of un-opened bills
I lose... my mind and my keys ALOT
I my son
I can usually be found.... in front of a computer/home/work/school
I need.......WILLPOWER
I forget......ALLOT of things a I shouldnt @ work, and I forget my memories the important ones
I am happy.....When I have some "me" time & when I am at Target :)
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amy loo said...

You DO say sorry too much! (AND DON'T SAY SORRY TO THAT!) That's okay. One of these days I'd like to see you take out a can of whoop-A!