Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome 2009

Its a brand new year! :) I love new years because it feels like a fresh start! Like when it rains and washes all the bad away. There are so many things I want to do this year!! So I thought I would share a few of them with you, so.. maybe it will make me work harder at them.
1. get more active! I dont care if I lose weight but I want to feel better
2. Have more fun!
3. Go on a real vacation, some where that no on we know lives.
4. Get my kid potty trained and in his own bed!
5. Have another baby
6. Get organized
7. get financially stable
8. Spend more time interacting with my hubby
9. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up
10. Learn to make pies & cakes with that nifty frosting that you can do cool stuff with

Random Fact... I LOVE new socks.. If I ever win the lotto, I fully intend to buy hundreds of packs of socks so I can wear a new pair everyday! The ones with the little pink stripe at the bottom :-) I know, i'm a weirdo

3 Comments!! I love Comments!:

Bethanie and Josh Hestermann said...

New baby in 2009?? Awwww how exciting!

Haha, I hope you win the lottery some day and buy a million pairs of socks. That way you could even afford to build an entire closet for them! :P

By the way...Josh loves his Scentsy car freshener thing! Perfect stocking stuffer. Mmmm coffee :)

amy loo said...

I LOVE those socks. I want a whole bed made entirely of those socks.

Spencer and Heather said...

I agree, new socks are the best :)