Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hannibal Missouri Moments

When I visit my family in Missouri I have to make two stops :) MY Mom's family is in Memphis, and my dads & other mom are in Hannibal! :) I didnt get to spend as much time as I wanted in Hannibal this time :( The first day I was there I stopped by and saw Mom, Shane & Samantha in Hannibal! :) She made dinner, which is always fantastic and makes it feel like home. When I came back down to Hannibal after Memphis I had more time to visit! We went to Quincy for dinner at applebee's It was fun & really good! :) I dont think I have ever actually eat'n dinner there only 1/2 price appetizers. :) Poor Samantha :( I didnt get her in the picture.. I should have had her skoot over! :) The next morning, I was sad cause the kids had to go to school, I am used to the summer visits when they are out of school, Riley missed them to, as soon as he woke up he was asking where they were. While the kids were at school we went to park! I forget how different they are where they actually have TREES! We had a great time playing in the leaves, on the slide, and attempting to climb a tree

We were going to go down to see the trains first, but I thought, naw we will do the park thing and them maybe we would catch a train later. OM-Goodness As soon as we got the park, we heard a train, and Riley went Batty! Here is a video of him hearing it, and everytime the whistle blew it stopped him in his tracks! This kid is addicted!

He got reallllly good at throwing leaves! IN MY HAIR but I got him back!

Here is Riley's counting skills when he is distracted! But He can count to 10! Promise! :) Silly kid

After the park we went to get ready for the graduation, on our way to pick up my dad, there was a small access road in the middle of some houses, and we took that and found some stationary trains, Riley LOVED it! He got to stand on one! it was a little creepy though, I kept checking behind us and looking around .. I think its all those movies that give the abandoned train yards a bad name, serial murderers ect. :)

Then I picked up dad and we headed to the graduation!

I made us late! of course, and there was at least 250 people there! & no place to sit, and after we didnt even get to see my sis tiff, but we went back to her house for a few pics, She looked beautiful! and so Happy, I am so proud of her!

Then we went to visit with my grandma yakes.. who I havent seen in years and she has never met riley before!

My Aunt Kara and Uncle Butch baught a house there so she can stay whenever she wants. They are amazing people who I really look up to! & Riley liked them right away! My Uncle Butch flies planes and has his own plane in their backyard! So I am sure he will get a kick out of that when we visit them soon.

Here is my uncle Butch wearing tiffanys hat, I told him he reminded me of rodney dangerfield in that movie where he went back to college.
This is kind of weird, but its a really old bike shop, or bike graveyard.. Its on the way from Hannibal to Memphis in a small town. When I was little I used to have dreams about this place. so I have been wanting to get a picture for a long time!

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amy loo said...

Very cute pictures! Riley looked so happy!