Friday, January 23, 2009

Project 365 Day 7

Yay! I made it threw my first week of the Project, I am very surprised and pleased :) Woohoo! But if it wasnt for the mobile blogging thing, I wouldnt have been able to do it. I dont have time to upload my camera everyday! :) But the picture phone (although low quailty) works well

Today.. We went to dinner when Mike got home from work :) Yay serrano's! They have the best Bean in the world! and I was craving it like a mad-woman! So I took my ner camera along and took allot of pics.. My poor family.. Here goes

Riding in the car :)
Checking to see if my camera takes good sky pictures in motion.. not bad :)

Me taking a picture of me taking pictures.. I know I am soo lame!

Leaving my neighborhood!.. Goodbye Pecan Creek South.. Hello.. Ironwood

I wonder if my husband was getting irritaed at me.

What a lovely tree :) Oh Look, its RAINING! By-Gally I better get a picture of that too

& the final picture.. Riley laughing while he has food in his mouth! What a great mom I am :) I would have taken more.. But I felt someone getting annoyed :) Oh well.. Its what I do........

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Brandi Lee said...

I love to take pictures too, so I am going to try Project 365 out as well!! I'm excited!