Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project 365 day 2

I watch oprah, nearly religiously. I have never done her book selections because well #1 I don't read actual books, and #2 I thought allot of the topics wouldn't interest me. Well I did finally expand my horizons and read twilight series and of course like every other teenage girl and wife/mother in the world I am in love with them. So I figured hmmm. Maybe reading isn't so bad after all. It gets people 2 leave me alone @ work. And it puts me into a dream world that I haven't been to since I was a kid, I forgot how good it feels 2 get lost in something. I bought the book. Eat, Pray,Love a year ago @ costco because I saw the author on oprah. I was taken in by her story about feeling hopeless and devistated crying on her bathroom floor. It hit me because when I feel like the world is closing in on me I hide and cry in my bathroom, or closet, when I used 2 work @ banner desert I would hide from the world in the linen closet hoping and pray'ing that no one would find me, I hated my job so much. And when my mom was dying of cancer I used 2 cry on my bathroom floor with the door closed. Or when I worked @ target and mike and I used 2 fight I would head 4 the back bathroom 2 take a time out. So it was nice 2 hear that someone else has had the same madwoman moments as I have had. So last night @ work I decided 2 jump into the book :) it was either read or listen 2 overly neg comments from a co-worker all night, so I chose the book :) the book starts on page 7 and by page 8 I was hooked! Her way of turning a phase is enlightning and joyful. she is real and u can't help but laugh with her as she discribes her divorce, and heart ache but shedoes it in a fun way. One phrase she says. "God never slams a door in your face without opening a box a girl scout cookies" :) I am only on page 31 and I can't wait 2 read the rest, if I could possibly stop posting about it, and if my cops would stop getting into trouble out there, geeze I feel like there mother/wife/babysitter/secretary on nights like this..... so I am going 2 hide in my book instead of the closet or bathroom tonight, and I encourage everyone 2 read it. :)

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