Sunday, August 8, 2010

new things to share :)

I'm so happy its Aug! and it is Crazy Ridiculously hot outside! When its Hot it makes everything you do harder. & our garage stinks so bad!, which in turn makes my car stink... then I feel weird stinky everywhere I go! So I cant wait for the season to change!

Brady had his first baby food, I think he liked it... maybe.. well.. I think he is quite confused about it really.. he ate it, then starts to fuss until I give him another bite, then about 1/2 a jar down he wont even open his mouth anymore..
He is just a baby who knows just what he wants, and istn afraid to share it with the Whole world! :)

I found this neat-o site called Funky Photos! Its so much fun! :) its so easy to use, and you can make Art out of your picures!
this is the original picture..

this is the new one.. it actually looks like this could have been a pic of one of my uncles when they were a baby.

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