Sunday, August 15, 2010

a cut.....a date.....& i think its time for a face lift

Im nearly 32...I think its time for a face lift. And i know its time for a tummy tuck!! After our sweet daughter decides to grace us with her presents...someday...maybe a year from now or 2, i will invest in one. :)

I got a haircut... :)
I dont think you can tell in this picture that shows off my wonderful picture taking skills of myself in a mirror :) you cant even see the cut part.. but I was short on time. well the haircut.. it sucks... its just shorter, but I think it looks odd.. and since its like. 'New' hair. That I try to curl it laughs at me... i use hairspray... curl it with curling iron after i use hot rollers... it looks great. :) in the mirror... i think it behaves to stop the pure torture its receiving.... once i reach the car... it sucks again. :) this was my one attempt to catch it @ its best.. before the laughter starts...

Mike took me on a date.... it was his way of saying.. honey I dont feel good im calling out sick from work. But dont be mad ill take u to the movie u have been wanting to see. :) to his credit.. he scratched his eyes with new contacts they gave him and it had been killing him. Oh and the goofy picture above is the day he had the dialation done @ nationwide vision... those glasses r so dorky.. lol :) p.s. nationwide sucks.
On our date.... we went to chili's for the chx enchilada soup. Then to see. Eat,pray,love.. it was a slow movie but good. I loved kutoot.. the cute little medicine man.. he was delightful. I learned a few things about myself, aNd found most of it to close to my reality. Mike said he didnt even mind it. And it was a complete chick flick. But there were some funny parts. A im going to take some time to think about my 'word' who am I. And what is my word. I have a few in mind.. but I think when we grow older. And our lives changes we have different words to describe who we are.

Riley... was a sweet amazing kid he is... eventhough he drives me nuts somedays. But only because he is energetic and full of life... and the back talking and the not listening have gotten better lately. :) yay karate
After I got my hair cut.. it was up in a pony tail. Begging to be washed and gross. He stands behind me "mommy your haircut looks so nice" :) yesterday. When I was dying my hair.. it had the cream solution in it piled on top of my head.. "mommy i like your hair... its... ummm... different" :) I laughed.. he is sweet.. and honest.. he is learning how to suagr coat everything... I feel candy coating bad news is good. :) everything seems to be cheerier in m&m or skittles form.. :)
In superhero mode he refers to me as 'spidergirl' and brady is 'ironman' :) yesterday.. brady cried.. riley came running.. "whats wrong with ironman.. I mean brady"

I asked riley to get something out he wanted me to make him for lunch. I was thinking.. spaghetti o's. Or soup.. or a frozen kids cusine... I turned around.. on the counter he had a box or mac and cheese a can of corn and a can of green beans and he had his head in the freezer.. he yells 'hey wheres the chicken'... what its lunch u silly kid.. not a big dinner. Lol but he was insistant on corn and mac and cheese.. so I made them. :) just for him. Since they weren't on my calorie budget for the day. :)

Turtle........I like him. He is sweet. He frowns when he knows I'm leaving.. he smiles when I peak at him in his bed. And he mimics my rasberries... :) he doesn't like to be upside down... :) and he likes to be tickled... oh yeah.. I had riley keep and eye on him. When I needed an extra hour of sleep. I put turtle in the swing and slept.. I woke up and went to get brady I brought him back to my room with me, riley was in his room. About 2 mins later I hear very loudly from the living room. "Oh no!!! I lost the baby!!" He came running into my room.. mommmmmy!!!! Lol. He laughed when he saw I had him. I asked where he thought brady went.. he says. "I thought monsters took him" :) silly boy..

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