Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One of my favorite times of the day..

I get home from work @ about 230am...  the house is dark and quiet..  except hubby leaves one light on for me everynight.  The cat is waiting in the hallway.   I hang my keys on the hook.  Or else i spent hours the next day searching for them!  I put my purse on the counter and go quietly to the bedroom.  Hubby is sound asleep with 2 fans on high.. burrr.  Riley is wrapping like a cacoon in my blanket sideways across my spot or upside down.   Brady is in his bed under the window with his tiny arm and hand over his eyes as if he is ready to block the sun from coming thru the blinds at any moment.  I change, wash my face, brush my teeth... scoop up the peanut, kiss his head and place him in his bed.  I turn down the fan. Unwrap my twirled blanket and crawl into bed @ nearly 3am if not after..  (depending if i have to harvest my farmville crops that morning.. lol im a dork)   my pillow smells a bit like turtles formula.. and at my feet i can feel a train or two, i kick them off the bed.. hubby reaches for my arm.  "Hi sweets  glad your home  sweet dreams my heart"   i smile... "sweet dreams my love"..   then i think of how this is one of the very best times of the day...  my family is safe and sound and hopefully having sweet dreams.  And i get to sleep a few hours before turtle wakes up  smiley and full of energy... bliss....   grateful.... content....    happy  :)  

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