Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hi-Ya!! I dont think I spelled that right :)

A week full of new things for us. Riley started his first Official year of Pre-school :) Three days a week wit Mrs. Lisa who we are very thankful for! She is great! he loves it there and he learns so much! Im not sure what this face is all about..

hen Karate!! Mike was against him going.. well he appears to be against anything he might have to make even the smallest effort at. We went for the trial class last week, and he really loved it!

So we decided to try it for 10 weeks, and see how he does with it. The first class.. he had to earn his first belt! He did great, He got a bit lost..
He learned to kick a pad, say HiYA! and the best part is.. He is learning to listen! and today when I asked him to clean his room, and I told him to take the trash out he said "Yes MAAM!" Lol it was awesome!! I hope it continues. After class he ran back to me, I asked him if he had fun, he said "yeah.. Mommy, I think I like that little girl" LOL it was so cute!

Brady was great! he just watched the whole thing quietly :)

I was so proud of Riley, today he cleaned his room, and did his homework, ate all of his dinner, and helped me feed the turtle. Mike had his birthday! He is 31! we are getting old! We went to his moms house, for family dinner we had a good time. its so nice to get together to see everyone. I got him a Sound Bar for the TV. He loves it.. it just makes the sound come out the front, and its louder and clearer then before! & we all know how much he LOVES his TV!. I like it too :) it has a thing for my Ipod so I can listen to it really loud thru the house!, I'm sure my neighbors will Love it too! :)

Riley wanted his picture taken with his puppy :) So I turned him into a cartoon.

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