Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wobbly Bits

My wobbly bits...
My sweet baby boy is 4 months old now. & I have lost NOTHING!! its sad really.
12 weeks ago I started on a path.. I ate several salads a week as my main meal for the day, and I cut my calories to 1200. I only had 1 soda a day! which I was so proud of myself! I lost 7 pounds, I was on a roll! So I started working out at night after I got off of work, doing at least 1 mile a day on the treadmill, and 15-30 mins on the total gym, I gained 8 pounds in a matter of days. I was heart broken, and sad that all my efforts backfired, so I gave up for about a week.
I have PCOS which the 2 major effects of this are trouble having babies, and being overweight.. ding ding.. I have both :) but all that aside, I know I can do it!! :) well Im more like the little train that could.. I think I can I think I can I think I can.. so here is my official BEFORE picture! and I hope to have an AFTER picture someday soon!

Notice the picture.. I stayed away from my thighs.. NO ONE wants to see that! :) well maybe my hubby but he doesnt read this blog. :)

I will continue to do what I do, and hopefully one day something good will happen...
I quit salads though... YUCK! Lol, its to much work for not allot of food, I am a meat and potatos kinda girl.

this is my non exciting work out area. :) with toys to step over and kick to the side, I try really hard to run.... I start off walking, then up the pace when a good song comes on,.. faster faster.. jogging... I can go a bit faster.. "click click click".... run run.. OH SHIT!!! grab on, fall off... laugh...... get up and start over again :)

I should decorate it.. my half of the room, maybe pink sparkles... chandelier, ooohhh I would Really LOVE a Disco BALL!! I wonder where I would get one of those. My favorite workout songs are.. Britney Spears.. I got that BOOM BOOM. with the ying yang twins, Beyonce.. Single Ladies. Dolly Parton 9 to 5 (weird I know), and Black Eye Peas Boom Boom Pow..

oh... & note.. the blog entry directly taking place after this one.. should not reflect dieting efforts, since its a date night.. I dont think it counts :)

4 Comments!! I love Comments!:

McMel said...

not sure if you watch biggest loser or not- but a lot of times when you are really working out- you have to make sure you are eating enough. 1200 calories may not be enough for your workout schedule! it happens all the time on the show where the contestants aren't eating enough and they gain... ?

Casey said...

Hmmm. I do watch that show.. maybe i need to up it a bit. I ran it online.. and it said about 1400. Which is good. So i should try that. :) yay an extra snack. Woohoo

Dutchess said...

Go girl! You should definitely pinkify your workout room!

dani21 said...

Wish I lived closer I could work out with you I need a workout partner.