Sunday, August 22, 2010

Date Night

Riley had a fun night at Karate.. it was from 7:30 - 11pm.. so I took the night off so mike and I could do something fun! But 3 hours isnt allot of time to do much, and we had to take the Turtle.
We dropped off Riley... there were several people in there, kids running around, and I told riley to go on the mat and play.. its the first time I've ever dropped him off at someplace where we really didnt know anyone, and he didnt know anyone either.. I was terrified! he ran onto the mat.. and I snuck out. I peeked thru the window at him.. he turned around and looked for me.. he stood there for what seemed like enternity.. MIke was motioning from the car to hurry up, but I just stood there.. in tears. watching my sweet little boy look confused, and lonely. like he wanted to join the others running around like crazy monkeys but they were all older then him... after a few mins, he started running around with a smaller girl and her brother. I felt better. but all the way to the resturant I cried.. ruined my mascara... I cant imagine what the first day of kindergarden will be like for me.
mike and I went to the cheesecake factory..

Im not adventurous with food.@ all. but I decided to be daring.. not crazy.. but daring. :) I had cheesecake!! I didnt really like it the first time I had it, and this time.. I had the red velvet/cheesecake cake.. it was ok.. mikes was better thought he had the white chocolate/rasberry swirl one. It was yummy! We were there for 2 hours!! Turtle did awesome, he had a bit of whipped cream, and loved it.
then we had to skip our 2nd activity due to lack of time, and went to walmart. GHETTO!! if you havent been to the walmart at supersititon springs recenly, you have to go, its an extirely different world in there.. Its like walking into a creepy movie, and the people crazy.. Mike kept saying he was surprised that we hadnt been stabbed yet. :)
we went to get riley, he was good, he had a great time, and played freeze tag and dodge ball. I know I worried for nothing, but its hard to see your child in new situations.. that you cant be there in case someting happens. You just have to trust you have done your job in making them the best person you could, and they will shine when it comes time.
Our sweet baby..

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McMel said...

i'd like to punch wal-mart in the face.

anyway, you were asking about making baby food- so easy. takes about 30 minutes!

here's a blog i wrote on it!