Sunday, August 15, 2010

The highlight of a tough week...

I got my first Blender!! Yes,, I know I am 31 years old.. Yep I know I have been married for 7 years.. & yep I have 2 kids.. why wouldnt any normal person have a blender!..
Most people get at least 1 for their wedding, or their husband gets them a blender for some romantic holiday occations becuase he couldnt think of anything more special then getting his little wifey a Blender!.. I cant complain really. Mike got me a curling iron and a bagel toaster for my birthday the first year we were together.. :)
I have been wanting to try one of those smoothie's in a bag for awhile now. The $1 off coupon was screaming at me everytime I opened my purse! but I have been thinking about it and putting it off for about 4 months now, I did it, I gave into temptation and bought the dang thing..
The only reason I did actually buy it, is because they had a Pink One! Lol, I am a sucker for pink...

Riley and I had fun making them! & of course I had to add a scoop of ice cream.. they werent as good as I hoped, I actually gave the rest of mine to the child.

Hmmm.. what else do people do with blenders?....... margarita's anyone??

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Judy said...

I love the pink! You can make your own smoothies using frozen fruit to start, like bananas, strawberries, blueberries, etc. Then, add yogurt, orange juice or other juice, etc. It's pretty much whatever you want to put in!