Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hopelessly in Love

Did I spell Hopelessly Right?  :) 

Valentines Day came and went,  & my hubby got me a wonderful new toy..
I love music, I love to dance and sing in the kitchen.. I had my Hello Kitty Ipod speaker/alarm..  but when I listened to my ipod, it made a horrible  static sound, and it would set the alarm by itself and come on really loud in the middle of the night! I was crazy!.. but yet.. so cute, since its Hello Kitty

My hubby got my a pretty new one..  It looks like this.

Its awesome, clear crisp sound and Beautiful and Pink :)   and has a remote!  :)   I love it.  and he is taking me to ANY event, concert, play I wanna see coming up!  There are so many choices, I'll have to think long and hard about it.

We have been together nearly 12 years now... and you know how  that "in-Love Feeling" comes and goes through the years.. but when that "lovin Feeling" sneaks up on you, and you get those tingley's back, Its Lovely..
That.. smile when you get a text from them.  cant wait to hug them when they walk in the door feeling.. Its nice.
 I love that hopelessly in love feeling, and I hope this feeling lasts Forever and ever..   :)   I love him..
I wish I got to spend more time with him, but our schedules are crappy.
Marriage is hard, and takes allot of work, but worth it..
Worth the work when you wake up and realize your hopelessly In LOVE with your Husband and kids.
That husband, that cant wait for me to come home, and says I love you a million times, and tells me I'm beautiful even when I look Horrible.
that 4 year old with the Giant attitude, that loves to snuggle in the morning, and tells you, your the best mom in the world! and that your his best girl! even after you yell at him to pick up his toys,
That 10 month old, who we refer to as Turtle.. who crawls all over the house, with a Huge smile and a glowing spirit everyone can feel when their around him.
& that you would do it all again!  :)   well. most of it anyways. 

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