Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Memphis Missouri Moments

I went to my little sisters High School Graduation last week and of course I took lots of pictures! But my camera was set on 1MP :( which is horrible worse then a cell phone pic.. I hate my camera!! It takes what feels like mins to actually take the picture and then of course I miss the good stuff. But here goes after many hours of changing the size of each picture this is what I got. I think this trip was bettter then the last trip, Riley did better although I didnt get to spend as much time with people :( But on the up side :) I did see a little snow, and went bowling :) The first night we stayed with Pa & Sheri :) Riley had a great time and I really enjoyed just sitting and talking awhile The next morning we went to Baring to see if we could catch a train go by..You know.. this whole trip seemed to revolve around TRAINS! I wonder why.. This is Pa trying to listen for the train threw the tracks, Grandpa who was sitting in the car told him it would work.. I think he was pulling his leg. Then Pa got me a manicure and pedicure at Sheri's shop! It was great! I felt like a girl :) Riley played and Paige hung out and watched him for me, She wasnt tooo happy when she had to change his stinky BUTT since my hands where in the process of being pampered! Then we went to visit grandma! I love her sooo much! I feel bad that I didnt spend more time with her. Riley was sleepy and cried the whole time, until he fell asleep. After our visit with Grandma we went to dinner with Grandpa, uncle Joel Aunt Sheri and pa & Sheri, It was fun Riley learned how to blow the paper off the straw & it caught in pa's crazy beard The next day me, paige and brani went bowling! The bowling alley was... a little weird.. there was no one bowling, there were some people there to have lunch, but we had to ask if we could bowl and the lady looked extremely irritated that I would even ask.. Hmm.. its a BOWLING ALLEY! thats what people do there. I was looking at the menu, and she said "Are you going to want to order something or what?" In a snotty voice and she was in her 60's! There is no customer service in small towns, so I smiled at her and said "Hi" I would love to thank you :) Here are some pictures from the bowling. Can you tell this is my sister!! I didnt even notice we posed the same! Geeze what a goofball family we are. See how many other people were there! paige and riley basicall napped inbetween frames :) This is my favorite shot! Brandi took it,a nd RIley did great! we all used the bumpers, and Riley still got 2nd place!
Here is a few video's I took riley playing hide and seek with brandi @ paige's apt :) Oh I almost forgot! SNOW! Ok it started snowing when we were bowling, so we hurried and finished bowling so we could go play! Paige and Brandi were cold so they hid in the car, but Riley and I had an AWESOME time in what little snow there was! He even threw a snowball and hit me in the head! The snow only lasted about 2 hours :( I was so sad, but Michael promises

This is me and pa, great camera work huh! :) Next time maybe I will capture our whole heads :)

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amy loo said...

Cute Pa!

I can't REMEMBER the last time I saw you wear a jacket!