Monday, August 9, 2010

Mindless monday

I got this shirt for mike's birthday....  its totally him.  His sarcastic attitude drives me nuts!!!! He liked the shirt :)

Have u ever...

clicked...   Next Blog.. at the top of the page?

Its really interesting. I noticed over the past week. Depending on where i start... (my blog) determines what blogs pop up.  Last week.  They all lead to religous family blogs. One was 2 gay guys raising two kids and they were christians. It was so cute. :)  there pictures and stories were funny and inspiring.  .  Today was odd..  started off with weight loss healthy blogs.  Then veared off to furnature. Antiques and a site called the best ever chairs blog.  Then went to a woman named paige's blog..  she was truely delightful in everyway. I am hoping to come across her blog again.   Then followed by. 2 professional photo blogs (i love pictures they tell so many stories)  then ended on an entire blog dedicate to the 60's.. it was cool. :)  
Try it... see what u stumble upon..

there are some amazing. Crazy. Interesting. And inpiring peopleb in the world... and i love that some of them have blogs.  :)    i wish more had the 'follow me' lonk set up though.  And i love that the blogs i find are from all over the world!  

Im wondering if i put random words about things i like..    daisies. Dancing. Movies. Ice cream. Smiles. Nice people. R ainbows. Clouds. Rain. Kindness. Sunshine. Pickles. Sketchers. Digital scrapbooking. Reality shows. Laughing. Police officers (a select bunch)  crime scenes. Hammocks. Squishy babies. Marilyn monroe. Hippies. Retro stuff. Hippos. Turtles. Country music. My total gym. Taco bell..mmmm. which clearly doesnt get along with the total gym...  but my belly and thighs bring them together for the common good.  Hello kitty she is cute and doesnt stink or scratch my couch.. i would trade her for my cat phose anyday.. eventhough i love her so, she drives me nuts..  sometimes i find myself bark @ her.... it doesnt appear to phase her though, her snotty little glare and she prances by me...  then rolls over exposing her belly as if she deserves scratch'n after that meany look she just gave......  

Hmmm. Got a bit off track. :)   welcome to mindless monday morning...   its 1am...   i have an excuse...

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